Refinancing and Debt Consolidation


Your financial goals and priorities change as you go through life.

You can free up some cash now to spend on what really matters.

A financial health check could make the world of difference to your monthly outgoings giving you more flexibility to invest for your future. 

Are credit cards getting you down or are you struggling to pay a personal loan each month?

I had a home loan and 7 credit cards at their limits.  Now I only have one card and a loan that is literally disappearing before my eyes because of the interest I am saving.

Mr & Mrs S, Werribee, VIC

Consolidating all your debts into your mortgage could be one solution giving you just one monthly payment at a lower interest rate than credit cards and personal loans.

Based on strategies recommended by Finance Tactics I will be debt free by 30 and can still afford to buy the things I need for my new home.

Miss B, Werribee, VIC

To find out how much you could save on monthly payments by consolidating call 08 8294 0246 or email your questions to Tina Pupello

We'll not only get you the best deal and help you minimise the after-tax cost of debt through expert loan structuring advice we’ll also give you regular advice, information and strategies to make sure your loan continues to be the best deal for you.

Tina Pupello, Finance Tactics

Ready for a sea change?   Dreaming of your own holiday home, a new car or early retirement? 

Apart from winning the lotto millions there’s no way of avoiding mortgage payments but a thorough review now could make a huge difference to your income.   You could be wasting thousands of dollars a year on extra interest rates and hidden fees.  Just imagine what you could save by making the change – you could even pay off your mortgage much earlier than you planned. 


If you feel that your loan is no longer right for you - please contact Finance Tactics now - we are here to help!

We thought we would have to sell our home and move into something smaller to fund an overseas adoption but Finance Tactics helped us keep our house – that feels great.

Mr & Mrs R, Morphett Vale, SA

After my marriage break up I thought the house would need to be sold.  Finance Tactics showed me how I could afford to buy my ex out and still afford the loan on my own.

Mrs H, Moana, SA