Preapproval Helps Jump the Queue

Give yourself a fair go and get to the front of the queue.

A pre-approved loan can give you great advantages

To make sure you get a fair go in the competitive world of real estate you can speed up the buying process by setting up a pre-approved loan. So when the house of your dreams comes along you are ready and won’t miss out!

A pre-approved loan gives you the green light on your home loan even if you are still looking for your dream home. Tina can take you through the process and give you a head start.

What's in it for me?

Confidence and peace of mind - a pre-approved loan gives you the advantage over other buyers and the confidence of knowing how much you can borrow before you begin to look at property.

You get to jump the queue – you can make an offer with confidence when you find the property you want.

Makes you more attractive – sellers like pre-approvals so you can sometimes negotiate a better price and in some circumstances this puts you in a stronger buying position.

Go under the hammer – A pre-approval allows you to bid at auction under the conditions of a cash contract.

How do I get pre-approval?

To kick start the pre-approval process you’ll need to provide Finance Tactics some documents including proof of income such as a letter from your employer, or copies of pay slips. Other items include savings account statements, credit card details and any other loan commitments. If your financial status ticks the right boxes you will be well on your way to finding your first home.

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"I never thought I would be able to afford my own place but thanks to Finance Tactics’ great advice, I set up a savings plan 8 months ago - I am now moving into my own unit.”
Miss V, Salisbury, SA
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