Investing in Property

If we’d followed the bank’s advice we would have one property paid for in 25 years.  We followed Finance Tactics advice and now have four investment properties.

Mr & Mrs R, Hallett Cove, SA

Finance Tactics main priority is to give the best advice to achieve the lowest cost solution through a combination of loan structuring and the right products. Choosing the right loan structure can save substantially more over time than an extra interest rate discount. 

Boost your borrowing power
Need some help building a property portfolio?  Want to free up some equity to invest in property?  Whether you’re a first time investor, or you already hold an extensive property portfolio, choosing the right loan is crucial.

Insider information
At Finance Tactics, you’ll get the expert lending knowledge you need to get your property investment off to a flying start.  For example, did you know some investment loans allow you to pre-pay your yearly interest so that you may enjoy a tax benefit sooner?

We can save you $000’s in loan interest.
Finance Tactics specialises in putting together tax-effective, low-risk mortgage structures to significantly reduce your costs. We work closely with Accountants to find you the best deals, allowing the accelerated repayment rate of non-tax deductible home loans to save you thousands in interest.

There are a lot of things to consider before making your investment, but here are some handy hints to get you started:

Obtain independent financial advice
Before investing in property, you should seek independent financial advice from your Accountant and/or Financial Planner. This will help you minimise your risk and maximise any possible benefit.
Many property investors benefit from tax savings through negative gearing – where the ‘return’ from rental income is less than the borrowing cost of the investment. The loss may then be used as a tax deduction. Consult your financial adviser to see if negative gearing can work for you.

Although Finance Tactics cannot advise you on investment strategies, we can help you find the right loan. To find out which is the  right loan for you call 08 8294 0246, email Tina Pupello or Contact Us.

Hedging your bets
Of course, you don’t have to make a direct investment in property. Pooling your funds with other investors in managed funds with a property focus, listed property trusts or property syndicates provides exposure to a broader range of property including commercial, industrial and retail as well as residential often with a smaller investment required.