Which is the right loan for you?

Home loan features

Take a look at the types of loan available before meeting with Finance Tactics. We will find the right loan that meets all your financial needs.

Popular with first home buyers, a ’no frills’ basic home loan with a low interest rate.

  • Interest rates are often half to one per cent below the standard variable rate.
  • Limited features and less flexibility.

Good option for the self-employed or contractors with irregular incomes who may find it difficult to secure a mortgage.

  • May have higher interest rates
  • You may also have to pay Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance or other fees.

Popular mainstream choice with all the "bells and whistles". 

  • You make regular repayments based on the current interest rate; effective if rates do not rise.
  • Should interest rates increase your regular mortgage repayments will rise.
  • An offset account can be used to help repay your loan quicker.

Allows you to fix your interest rate, offering stability in times of economic uncertainty.

  • Fixing your interest rate for a specific period gives certainty to regular repayment amounts.
  • Should interest rates fall you’ll still need to repay your mortgage at the agreed fixed rate.
  • This can be combined with a variable rate to "hedge your bets" regarding rates.

A line of credit works like an overdraft or "a credit card with more zeros on the end".

  • You only pay for what you use.
  • Ideal for the Investor or Self Employed.

Interest only loans offer borrowers lower repayment options. A popular choice for investors.

  • Pay only the interest on your mortgage.
  • Repayments do not reduce the starting value of your mortgage.